Newborn photos are the cutest thing on earth, you already know that. But have you seem newborn photos of twins? Here is a selection of our favorite newborn twins photos done in our newborn photography studio in Stockholm and Solna area.

You might me expecting twin babies and planning to book a newborn photoshoot for your little sweethearts. Here you got the cutes inspiration photos for twins.

You might also be wondering about how does a newborn photoshoot with twins work. We have the answer!

Here is how we do newborn photos with twins

  1. Individual photos of each baby separately
  2. Photos with both babies together
  3. Family photos

Keep reading so we will tell you all the details of each of these steps of a newborn photoshoot with twin babies.

Twins newborn photoshoot at Letícia Bronzoni Photography studio in Stockholm

1- Individual photos of each baby

We like to start by photographing each baby individually, focusing on each of them in details and doing different poses. This portion allows us to bring more variety to the photoshoot and do different positions and angles that might not be possible or not as good when having two babies together.

When we plan which colors to use in the photoshoot (you as our client will select the colors you would like in advance) we also plan which one to use with each baby.

We can do the individual shots with different colors for each baby, specially if the babies are very similar. Another alternative is to do individual shots using the same colors for both, which works great if you are planning to have 2 matching canvases on your home walls, one with each baby, so they will be a better match and look better hanged together.

Nyföddfotografering med tvillingar i Stockholm

Babies photographed with different colors for their individual photos

tvillingbebisar fotografering i stockholm

Babies photographed with different colors for their individual photos

nyfödd tvillingar bebisfotografering i stockholm

Twins newborn photoshoot where we captured each of the babies separately using the same colors.

2- Photos of both babies together

We then focus on the photos that we can get with both babies together, using specifc poses that work good and can be done safely with two babies at the same time.

One of these poses is the chin on hands and its variations (see the example above).

Other creative ways to put both babies together is to do them both wrapped laying in the same prop or laying on their back like the next examples.

Catching the siblings conection is also a very special and magical detail in the photoshoot with twins. Photos where the babies are hughing, kissing, looking at one another bring an emotional touch to the photos and make them extra special.

newborn photoshoot with twins babies in Stockholm
studio fotografering med nyfödda tvillingbebisar

3- Family photos

And lastly, when the parents, and eventually other siblings, what to be in the photos with those babies, we also take family photos, which is included in all our newborn photoshoots at no extra cost.

We then take photos or both babies parents with the twins and also each parent holding both babies (in the case when the babies are wrapped, so they can be safely holden simultaneously by one parent without risks).

familjebild med nyfödda tvillingbebisar

A few common questions about photographing twins:

  • Do you charge more for newborn photoshoot with twin siblings?

No, you pay the same photoshoot fee as everybody else. You pay per photoshoot, not per baby.

  • Does it take longer time to photograph twins?

Often yes, but that is not a rule. We have a workflow that fits in about 3 hours of photoshoot, counting the pauses for the babies to get fed, change of diapers and nursing, but it will always depend on the babies and how they are feeling that day, how sleepy they are, etc.

  • At what age you photograph newborn twins?

Newborn twins follow the same rule as babies that are not twins: anywhere from 5 to 25 days old is amazing. In case the babies are very small and/or were born very prematurely, I tend to recommend we do the photos when they are between 3 weeks to 5 weeks old, and healthy.

Did you like knowing more about how newborn photoshoots with twins work? Love the cute inspirational photos?

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