Hej, Letícia heter jag.

First of all I am a latina in Sweden and God, how I love Sweden... Since the first time I step here I fell in love for this nature, culture and people. So now Stockholm is my home.

Second, I am photographer specialist in goddess style maternity photos and memorable newborn photos. I currently have 4 internationaly awarded photos (which you can check in the awards session) which really represent the art touch I put into my work.

There is something magic about the pregnancy portraits that since started I couldn't stop anymore.

I have a very strong connection with my own mother and so taking good care of moms is something that is part of me.

Since I realized the power that my work has to empower pregnant women, I found the purpose on what I do: Make them feeling beautiful and amazing with their own bodies.

Besides photography I love learning as many things as I can, including new languages. Romantic comedy is my favorite type of movie, traveling is one of my favorite things in the world, cats are the cutest animals in my opinion and music fills my soul.

Här ligger vi!

(vi ta in bara bokade kunder)

Västra Skogen