Hej, Letícia heter jag.

First of all I am a latina in Sweden and God, how I love Sweden... Since the first time I step here I fell in love for this nature, culture and people. So now this is home for me!

Second, I am photographer specialist in goddess style maternity photos and magic children photos. I currently have 2 internationaly awarded photos (which you can check in the prizes session).

I photograph other sorts of portraits and weddings but family photography is my main passion. There is something magic about the pregnancy portraits that since started I couldn't stop anymore.

I have a very strong conection with my own mother and so taking good care of moms is something that is part of me.

Since I realized the power that my work has to empower pregnant women, I found the purpose on what I do: Make them feeling like real godesses.

Besides photography I love learning as many things as I can, including new languages. Romantic comedy is my favorite type of movie, traveling is one of my favorite things in the world, cats are the cutest animals in my opinion and R&B music fills my soul.