So you are planning to have a newborn photoshoot for your baby girl but you are not big fan of pink. You're maybe looking for inspiration for newborn photos that are not too girly and too obvious, but instead more gender neutral.

Well, this photographer right here got you and your baby girl. Here is how we do this in our newborn photography studio in Stockholm. We separated the types of our example photos in 4 categories:

  1. Neutrals and non girly colors
  2. Pajamas and rompers instead of dresses
  3. Not wearing bows and headbands in every single photo
  4. A different type of pink

Neutrals and non girly colors

Chosing neutrals and non girly colors for you baby girl's newborn photoshoot is definately the best way to create images that are gender neutral and not too girly. These are actually my most popular and most requested colors for babies here in the studio and the ones I have the most option of baby clothes and props.

Beige and brown tones, as well as whites, greys, greens and yellows are great choices for your baby girls photoshoot to be beautiful and outstanding.

Pajamas and rompers instead of dresses

Pijamas and rompers are a good alternative to baby dresses, which are often very girly full of lace, frills and bows.

Both pijamas, which have long legs, and rompers, which show the baby's legs, are very gender neutral, comfortable, warm and are available in many colors here in our newborn photography studio in Stockholm.

Not wearing bows and headbands in every single photo

Headbands are super cute and can be quite neutral, but still make a girly photoshoot it wore in every single photo. We can instead combine photos with and without headband, as well as some photos with bonnets and sleepy caps.

Here are some examples of baby girls who wore alternatives to headbands in their newborn photoshoots:

Pink but different

Ok, I said no pink but this is actually much different. Tones like baby pink and old pink are our most girly options, but there is even a third beautiful alternative that has a pinkish touch but is quite neutral: our mauve!

It lays somewhere between brown and warm old pink. I like to describe it as a pinkish brown and a brownish pink. You can see how beautidul it looks like in the photo below.

Inspired now?

I hope this post could inspire you with ideas and remind you that your baby girls newborn photoshoot doesnt have to be super girly if you dont want to.

You do have a choice and we at Letícia Bronzoni Photography have all the beautiful colors and options for your baby's photoshoot to be as beautiful and magical as in your dreams.

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