Privacy anc Cookies Policy

Privacy policy

The following privacy notice details the who, what, why, where, when and how of collecting your personal information.

1. Definitions

When we say “Letícia Bronzoni Photography”, “we”, “I”, or “us”, we are referring to Letícia Bronzoni Photography. When we say, “services”, we are referring to Letícia Bronzoni Photography providing a photography service to individuals, families and businesses.

2. How is Letícia Bronzoni Photography using cookies?

Letícia Bronzoni Photography uses cookies on our website (, products and any associated web properties for the following purposes:

Necessary - These cookies are essential for our services to work as intended.

Marketing - We may use cookies to deliver, evaluate and improve marketing campaigns (e.g. a user visited our Pricing page). Our Ad Partners (see on the next item) may also use cookies to determine whether you’ve already seen an ad, or provide us with information about your interaction with the ad. Use of those third-party cookies are subject to the service provider’s policies.

You are required to stop using our website in case you do not wish to agree with the fact that we collect cookies and data from our users in the terms described in this page. You can contact me via phone, email or social media instead if you chose to not use our website.

2. Who has access to your information (Third-party cookies)?

Letícia Bronzoni Photography collects and has access to your information. Under no circumstances, will we sell or share your data.

All third party data processors used on this website are GDPR compliant.

This website uses the following:

  • Pixieset: is the platform used to develop this website, to present your photos in a gallery for download and to create and manage services contracts, questionaries and pricing quotes that are send to clients.
  • Go Daddyprovide secure hosting and the domain name for this website.
  • Google Analytics: is used to track and measure how users interact with our websites -
  • Facebook: We use Facebook Pixels and Custom Audiences to deliver targeted advertisements to individuals who visit our websites -
  • Gmail: used to communicate via email and store photos and client information.
  • MailTrack: used to track if our e-mails were received and opened by the recipients.
  • Google: is used to collect and display client reviews and photos via Google Maps.

3. What information do we collect about you?

We only ever ask for your name, email address and telephone number. We may also ask what area you live or collect your address in order to send you packages or other items and documents that are part of the client experience at Letícia Bronzoni Phtoography.

You may share other information about yourself, your business or your family before, during or after a photo shoot – again, this won’t be shared. We also collect anonymous data on your use of

4. Why do we collect your information?

We collect your information to:

  • arrange, discuss and plan your photoshoot
  • process invoices and pricing quotes
  • send you your beautiful photos
  • ask for your feedback on our service
  • respond to any inqueries or requests
  • Send you printed materials and other items that are part of our Client Experience via mail
  • promote our portfolio of work via our website and social media (we’ll only ever use photos of you, your children or your family and their first name – with your consent upfront)
  • To better costumize our online ads by understanding who our audience is
  • comply with legal requirements

We don’t have any subscription services so you’ll never receive any direct mail from us.

5. Where is your data stored/used?

All data is stored on a secure computer or storage on Cloud Storage and can only be accessed by the business owner. Photos and your first name/s may be used on:

They may also be used in online and printed marketing and advertising (for example, flyers).

6. How long is it your data stored for?

  • Any photos of your may be displayed on our website or social channels indefinitely and you may be tagged in social media posts containing your photo/s.
  • Any personal information shared with us for the purpose of arranging a photo shoot will be kept until after your photos have been sent, however, your name (and other family members names shared), address, phone number and email address will remain on invoice records for the purpose of tax, currently indefinitely.
  • RAW images captured during your photo shoot and any processed photos that have not been uploaded to Pixieset (online gallery) may be destroyed/deleted after two months of capture.
  • Your Pixieset photo gallery may be deleted after 6 months of the date of your photoshoot.

It is your responsibility to ensure you save your photos locally. 

When submitting an enquiry via our website, your details are sent straight to the business owner, Letícia Bronzoni, via email and are not stored anywhere else but Gmail and Pixieset (website).

7. How is your data used?

Any data submitted to Letícia Bronzoni Photography via or by any other means is only ever used solely for the purpose in which it is supplied. I only collect the data that I need. This is normally a name, email address, how many weeks pregnant you are or the age of your children, and sometimes a telephone number and address.

8. Your rights

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals (data subjects):

  • The right to be informed 
  • The right of access 
  • The right to rectification 
  • The right to erasure 
  • The right to restrict processing 
  • The right to data portability 
  • The right to object 
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information or to request rectification or erasure, please email me. I will respond to your request to modify or delete information within 28 days.